Every Sunday evening a few Amigans (and former Amigans hoping for the best) gather to chat and share information on a wide range of topics. Subjects will range from the Amiga (of course) to books, TV, and movies to whether or not aliens have visited our planet.
Come join us on the IRC
Network : ExodusNet
News servers : irc.superhosts.net, irc.midnightrose.org, irc.codemain.com
Channel : #team*Amiga
When : Sunday evening (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm MST)
For those who can use Java chat, point your browsers at: www.reefer.org/chat4.html or www.reefer.org/chat.html
Asha puts her Live Asha Cam up Sundays so that you can see her as you chat. If you're using an Amiga, get WebVision Aminet, or, if that's down, email Asha and she'll send you the latest version. WebVision can live on the same screen (MUI) as AmIRC and is easy to setup and run. You can also see the Live Asha Cam on the Web (using a browser). There's always a picture up, but it's only live on Sunday nights.
We have a wonderful group of friendly folks sharing information, help and humour as we wend our way through the Great Amiga Odyssey.

IRC (Internet Chat Relay) allows the ability to play sounds for the entire group. So here is a library of sound bites that are commonly used in the chat. Each zip file is between 1-2 Mb in size to make downloading easier. If you are just interested in getting the sound sample library please help yourself. The sounds are organized according to the date they were sampled. Due to web space constraints, only sounds captured from Jan. 2001 have been put up.

Sound Sample Library




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