What Do Those Screen Colors Mean?

From an article by Betty Clay, The Transactor, March 1988

On pre-Workbench 3.0 machines, the Amiga flashed screen colors as it booted:

Dark Gray Light Gray White
Initial hardware tested OK. Software is OK Initialization tests passed.

If something goes wrong with your Amiga, you might see these colors:

Red Green Blue Yellow
Error in ROM Error in Chip RAM Error in custom chips The CPU found an error before error trapping software (the guru) was running

Finally, the keyboard performs a self-test. The number of times the CAPS LOCK light flashes tells you what is wrong:

One Blink Two Blinks Three Blinks Four Blinks
Keyboard ROM check failed Keyboard RAM check failed Watchdog timer test failed Short exists between two row lines or one of the seven special function keys